Dear Patients,

Maintaining our clinic disinfected and sterilized has always been our first priority which has provedour sensitivity over this matter right, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to theprecautions already taken in our clinic, during this pandemic period, we have developed newprotocols according to the world standards and the Turkish Ministry of Health’s directions. You canfind this protocol at the entrance of our clinic, in the waiting rooms and in this bulletin.

I would like to briefly explain the precautions we have taken in order to protect your health and ourhealth in the best way in a hygienic environment below:

1- During the the two-month period, when our clinic did not provide service other than emergency
cases, the disinfection of the clinic has been done, and currently it is being done at regular intervals.

2- Upon your entering the clinic, your body temperature will be monitored by a staff member.

3- Based on the fact that shoes can cause a high rate of contagion, a 24-hour, daily changing
disinfectant mat used in the operating rooms is now used before wearing overshoes at the entrance
to the clinic.

4- The importance of the automatic, contact-free shoe covers machine used in our clinic for many yearshas become more meaningful today.

5 – A hand disinfectant stand has been placed at the entrance of our clinic so that you can disinfect yourhands using arm contact only.

6- For your hand hygiene and other needs, contact-free photocell faucets, soap dispensers, trash cansand WC, which have existed since the day our clinic was founded, showed our rightfulness in oursensitivity years ago.

7- In order to keep the social distancing in the waiting rooms, some marks have been put. Placesmarked in blue are planned for you to sit. Please do not use the yellow marked places.

8 – In order to minimize the contact with the suspicious surfaces, we have stopped serving refreshmentssuch as tea or coffee.

9- For the same reasons, free reading materials such as newspapers and magazines will not beprovided.

10 – For the disinfection of the waiting rooms, a cleaning staff has been assigned. In addition to theregular and routine cleaning procedure, this employee immediately wipes every surface the patientscontact with special disinfectant products.

11 – The waiting rooms every one hour, and the treatment rooms after each patient are disinfected by atrained personnel with a special device that sprays Hypochlorous Acid, which is recommended by the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board, and has good COVID-19 killing efficacy and does not have anyknown toxic effects on human health.

In this period, except for the child patients, patients who need companion, and elderly patients, no

companions will be permitted.

12 – Our assistants will ask you to gargle before and after the treatment with a solution containing 0.2%povidone iodine and 1.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is recommended by the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board.

13 – In order to minimize the risk of transmission of the infection through the eyes, during the treatment,our health staff will ask you to wear protective eye goggles which have been disinfected withrecommended disinfectants and UVC.

14 – During the treatment of each patient, dentists use disposable, sterile surgical box gowns.

15 – At the end of your treatment, the room is emptied by taking you to the waiting room in accordancewith the protocol. The room is left empty for ventilation, application of Hypochlorous Acid anddisinfection. The next patient is taken to the other treatment room that is ready. One room is leftempty while the other patient’s treatment proceeds in the other treatment room.

16 – During our clinic’s off hours, all the treatment rooms are disinfected with the UVC System, which isan effective disinfection method for known viruses

In addition to this information, all our staff’s, including the dentists, body temperature is measuredand recorded twice a day.

After all this preparation period, we hope that the pandemic will be over soon and we will be able tochange our schedule from the emergency-cases-only to the normal and routine work days very soon.We would like to mention that we are looking forward to the beautiful days when we will bring backhealthy and beautiful smiles on your faces again! Stay safe!

Dr. Semih Süreyya YAZICI